My Order hasn't Arrived

Please note that Lyst does not stock any items. All orders are fulfilled by the retailer who will arrange the shipping, delivery, and returns. They will also handle tracking, exchanges, and refunds.

How do I contact the retailer about my undelivered order? Visit the Customer Care or Support section on the retailer's website. Look for information on how to get in touch with their customer service team. Be sure to include essential details like your order reference number, full name, email address used for the order, and billing address when reaching out.

What if I don't receive a response from the retailer? Allow up to 48 hours for the retailer to respond to your inquiry. If you do not receive a response within this timeframe, you can contact Lyst's Customer Care team via, and we will assist in following up with the retailer on your behalf.

What if my order is lost? If there are concerns about a lost order, inform the retailer immediately. They can initiate an investigation with the courier and provide guidance on potential refunds or replacements. If needed, Lyst's Customer Care can assist in following up with the retailer. You can find more information here.

How long should I wait before taking further action? While shipping delays can occur, it's recommended to take action promptly. Contact the retailer if your order is overdue, and allow a reasonable timeframe for a response. If needed, reach out to your bank provider for additional support. 

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