What is Klarna? Klarna is a payment provider offering flexible options like buy now, pay in 3 instalments, and pay in 30 days, both interest-free options.

To check your eligibility, Klarna will perform a soft search with a credit agency which will not affect your credit score.

Klarna is Lyst's UK payment provider, your credit card statement will show "Klarna/Lyst" instead of the retailer’s name.

How does Klarna work on Lyst Checkout? 

  • After completing your order on Lyst, Klarna conducts fraud checks and authorises your payment.
  • For added security, Klarna will issue a prepaid credit card matching your order value.
  • Lyst will share this with the retailer, who processes the payment using the virtual card.
  • You'll notice a pending charge initially, and once the retailer charges the virtual card, Klarna deducts the funds from your account.
  • If the retailer mentions virtual card details during confirmation or refund, don't worry; they're designed to safeguard your transaction.

Why does the pending charge appear on my account? The pending charge is a precautionary measure; once the retailer charges the prepaid card, Klarna debits the funds from your account.

What confirmation will I receive after payment? After completing your order on Lyst, you'll get an email from Klarna confirming the secure payment. The email will include Klarna's contact info for further queries.

Why do I see different card details on my invoice compared to my actual credit card?

The unique card details you see on your invoice belong to a secure virtual prepaid credit card created by Klarna, our payment provider. This virtual card is specifically generated for the transaction, enhancing the overall security of your purchase. The retailer may use these details when confirming your order or processing a refund. Please be assured that this is a standard practice designed to safeguard your transaction.

Where can I get more information about Klarna? For detailed information or queries about Klarna, visit their UK/EU Klarna Customer Help Center.

Please see Klarna's T&Cs for more information about Klarna checkout on Lyst.

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