Klarna is our payment provider. Trusted by thousands of companies, including Topman and Finery, they process the transactions on Lyst by using a secure prepaid credit card for the value of your order.

You will see the names Klarna and Lyst on your credit card receipt and statement, not the retailer’s name.

Both Lyst and Klarna are committed to maintaining the highest data protection standards. Your data will continue to be protected at every step of the process.

How does Klarna checkout on Lyst work?

Klarna checkout works as follows:

  • When you complete your order on Lyst’s integrated checkout, Klarna will carry out fraud and credit checks and pre-authorize your payment.
  • In order to ensure the safest online payment, Klarna will issue a prepaid credit card for the value of your order and Lyst will pass this to the retailer(s).
  • The retailer(s) will process the payment using the virtual prepaid credit card and will be responsible for fulfilling the order and shipping it to you in the usual way.  
  • When you first place your order you will see a pending charge on your own account. Once the retailer charges the prepaid credit card, Klarna will debit the funds from you.
  • The retailer may quote the virtual card details when confirming your order or refund. Please don't worry if you don't recognise these - they have been created to protect your transaction.

Next steps

For more information about Klarna’s services please visit Klarna's Help Center using the following links:

UK/EU Klarna Customer Help Center

US Klarna Customer Help Center

Please see our terms and conditions for more information about Klarna checkout on Lyst.

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Please note that for order tracking updates, amendments or cancellations, you will need to contact the retailer fulfilling your order directly.