Where's my order?

The retailer shipping your item will be able to provide up to date information on the status of your order.

Your order has been placed with one of Lyst's retailers who will arrange the delivery of your item. The estimated shipping time will be shown on your Lyst confirmation email, please allow this time for your order to arrive.

The retailer will also confirm your delivery date and send over any tracking information to you directly via email. For your order status please contact the retailer directly.

 Next steps

  • You can find the retailer name by checking your confirmation email or in your Lyst order history. (Please note order history is a members only feature if you checked out as a guest the order will not be saved to an account).
  • To check your order history log in to Lyst and select “account”.
  • You can visit the customer care section on the retailer's site for more information or to get in touch with the retailer directly.

For example

If you have checked and your order has been placed with Lane Crawford - visit the Lane Crawford site to contact their team for an update.

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Please note that for order tracking updates, amendments or cancellations, you will need to contact the retailer fulfilling your order directly.