What Couriers do you use?

The choice of courier is made by the individual retailer from whom you make a purchase on Lyst. Each retailer may have preferred courier services based on factors such as location, shipping speed, and reliability.

How can I track my order using the courier information? Once your order has been shipped, the retailer will provide you with tracking information, including the name of the courier and a tracking number. You can use this information to monitor the status and location of your parcel on the courier's website.

What do I do if there is an issue with the courier delivery? In the event of any issues with the courier delivery, such as delays or concerns about the delivery status, please contact the retailer directly. They will be able to liaise with the courier on your behalf to resolve the issue.

Can I change the delivery address or schedule with the courier directly? Changes to delivery address or schedule are typically handled through the retailer rather than the courier. Contact the retailer as soon as possible if you need to make adjustments to your delivery details.

What if I miss the courier delivery attempt? If you miss a delivery attempt, the courier will usually leave a notification with information on how to reschedule delivery or pick up your parcel. Follow the instructions provided by the courier or contact them directly for further assistance.

Are there any additional fees from the courier? Additional fees, such as customs duties or taxes, may be applicable depending on your location and the courier's policies. These fees are not controlled by Lyst and are the responsibility of the buyer. Check with the courier or refer to their terms and conditions for details.

If you have more questions about couriers, please reach out via customercare@ly.st 

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