What are Lyst Delivery Charges

Are there standard delivery charges on Lyst?

Lyst operates as a marketplace, and delivery charges are determined by the individual retailers. As a result, there is no standard or fixed delivery charge across all purchases.

How can I find out about the delivery charges for a specific item?

To view the delivery charges for a particular item, please refer to the product details or the retailer's shipping information during the checkout process. The delivery charges are set by the retailer and may vary based on factors such as location, shipping method, and the retailer's policies.

Do delivery charges vary by location?

Yes, delivery charges can vary depending on the shipping destination. Retailers may have different rates for domestic and international deliveries. Ensure that you check the specific delivery charges associated with your shipping address. Take note of any additional fees, such as taxes or customs duties, which may apply depending on your location.

Are there free shipping options available?

Some retailers on Lyst might offer free shipping depending on certain conditions such as order value, promotional events, or specific products. You can check the product details or the retailer's promotions to see if free shipping is available.

If you have more questions about shipping fees, please contact our Customer Care team here customercare@ly.st 

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