How do Lyst promotional discount codes work? Lyst runs promotional discount codes, which may be specific to Lyst or represent promotions on behalf of partner retailers. Each code has its terms and conditions, and they often apply to specific items with expiration dates.

How can I claim a Lyst promo code discount? Enter the promo code during the checkout process on Lyst's integrated checkout or the partner's checkout page if redirected.

Can Lyst promo codes be combined with other offers? Lyst promo codes cannot be combined with other offers. Review the Terms and Conditions here for more details.

How do I apply a promo code during checkout? To apply a promo code during checkout just click "Buy now" and enter the promotional code in the promo box at the bottom left and click "Apply".

What should I do if the promotion doesn't apply? If the promotion doesn't apply:

  • Review the code's Terms and Conditions before reaching out to our team.
  • If issues persist, contact our Customer Care team at and include a screenshot of any errors along with the Lyst item link.

How do retailer promotions work on Lyst? Retailer promotions are visible in the Lyst feed, displaying the discounted price. Upon proceeding to purchase, you will be redirected to the retailer's page, where the sale price is reflected. Check the respective retailer's Terms and Conditions for additional information.

Q7: What if I have issues with a promo code on a partner's website? If you encounter issues with a promo code on a partner's website, reach out to their Customer Care team directly for assistance.

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