Why does my bank statement say "Klarna/Lyst"?

Klarna is our payment provider. It is trusted by thousands of companies, including Michael Kors, AllSaints, H&M, and Superdry.

As part of our commitment to protect our customer's information, Klarna creates a secure virtual prepaid credit card for the value of your order. For security purposes, orders placed on Lyst are processed as payment card purchases from Klarna Inc. and will appear on your statement as "Klarna/Lyst."

This prepaid card will be used to purchase the item from the retailer's website.

You will see the names Klarna and Lyst on your credit card receipt and statement, not the retailer’s name.

Both Lyst and Klarna are committed to maintaining the highest data protection standards. Your data will continue to be protected at every step of the process.

Want to know more about Klarna?

For more information about Klarna’s services, please visit Klarna's Help Center using the following links:

UK/EU Klarna Customer Help Center

US Klarna Customer Help Center

Please see Klarna's T&Cs for more information about Klarna checkout on Lyst. 

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