How can I change my shipping option after I have placed my order?

Can I change my chosen shipping option after placing an order? As Lyst does not stock your items, the retailer will be the one handling the shipping and delivery.
To change your shipping option after your order has been placed, please contact the retailer directly as soon as possible for assistance.

Is it always possible to change the shipping option? The ability to change the shipping option depends on the retailer's policies and the status of your order. Some retailers may accommodate such requests, while others may have a more rigid policy.

What if the order has already been shipped? If your order has already been shipped, it may be challenging to change the shipping option. However, you can still contact the retailer to explore potential solutions, such as redirecting the shipment or adjusting delivery preferences with the courier.

Q5: Can I pay extra to expedite shipping after placing the order? In some cases, retailers may offer options to expedite shipping for an additional fee. Contact the retailer to discuss the possibility and associated costs.

Q6: What if the retailer doesn't allow changes to the shipping option? If the retailer is unable to modify the shipping option and you have specific concerns or requests, it's recommended to contact Lyst's Customer Care team. We can provide guidance and assistance in communicating with the retailer.

Q7: Can I cancel my order and place a new one with the correct shipping option? Cancellation policies vary among retailers. Before canceling, check the retailer's policies regarding order modifications and cancellations. If allowed, you may cancel the original order and place a new one with the desired shipping option.

Q8: How can I avoid issues with shipping options in the future? To avoid issues with shipping options, carefully review your order details before completing the purchase. Ensure that you've selected the correct shipping option that aligns with your preferences and delivery timeframe.

Q9: Where can I find information on the retailer's shipping policies? For detailed information on the retailer's shipping policies, refer to the shipping information provided during the checkout process or visit the retailer's website. If you have specific questions, contact the retailer's customer support for clarification.

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