Price matching, price discrepancy and price updates

Lyst is the definitive fashion shopping platform, used by millions of shoppers globally to search and discover the world’s biggest and best selection of fashion brands and stores. As a search platform, we don’t stock or commercialise items, but our website and app will help you find what you’re looking for from over 12,000 partners.

Due to the large volume of items on Lyst, product errors such as price discrepancy might unfortunately happen from time to time. Luckily, these are extremely rare.

In the rare case you see a price discrepancy between Lyst and the retailer, please be aware that Lyst won't be able to price match items.

Should this happen, we advise that you visit the retailer’s Help
Centre to check their price match policy before contacting their team directly. (The retailer name can be found on the Lyst item page).

If you believe there has been a pricing discrepancy or a delay in a price being updated, please do get in touch with our Customer Care team here. Please kindly include the link to the item in your message.

Next Steps

To get in touch with the retailer, you will first need to find its name on the product page: it is situated underneath the product name and sizing information.

Then, visit the customer care section on its website, where you will be able to find the contact details you need to enquire about the retailer’s price match policy.

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