What is Lyst’s duties policy?

We partner with retailers from all over the world, therefore, you may have to pay customs duties on your items, depending on your location as well as the location and policy of the retailer(s) you are buying from.

Duties are calculated by your local government and will usually need to be paid by you directly to the courier company.

Lyst will display the estimated duties for your order on the checkout page. Please note that this is an estimate only and that the actual duties charged may differ. You can also check the retailer’s help centre for their full duties policy.

Your local customs office will calculate the exact duties once the item has arrived within your country and inform you of what you need to pay.


Next Steps

  • Lyst will estimate the duties charge as 'est. duties' at both the basket and checkout stages of your order.
  • You can check the retailer’s full duties policy by visiting their help centre. (You can find the name of the retailer on the Lyst product page.)
  • If you are required to pay duties, you will be contacted by your local customs office once your order has been shipped.
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