Why did my payment fail?

There are a few different reasons why your payment may have failed, such as the fact that incorrect payment details were provided or that your bank did not authorise the transaction.

If your order was not failed due to out of stock issues or price discrepancy, you will be able to replace your order by double checking your payment details were correctly entered, or by speaking with your bank.

Please be assured that if your order was unsuccessful, you will not have been charged.

Please follow the instructions below when re-ordering:

  • Ensure that your billing address matches the address your card is registered to.
  • Make sure the CVC/CCV number on your card has been entered correctly.
  • Check that all your personal details (name, address etc…) are entered correctly.
  • Check that the start and/or expiry dates entered are valid and that they match the ones on your card.

You can also contact your bank or card provider for further support, or use a different payment card.

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