I received a wrong item, what should I do?

We are very sorry if there has been a mistake with your order. Please note that all orders on Lyst are fulfilled by the retailer who stocks the item.

If you have been sent the wrong item, please contact the retailer for further assistance.

Next steps:

  • As soon as you discover you received a wrong item, please contact the retailer's Customer Care team.

  • You can find the retailer name by checking your confirmation email or in your Lyst order history. (Please note, order history is a members only feature if you checked out as a guest the order will not be saved to an account).

  • To check your order history log in to Lyst and select “account”.

  • You can visit the contact section on the retailer's site to get in touch with the retailer directly.

  • When contacting the retailer please include; your retailer order number, the name of the item and a description and/ or a photograph.

  • The retailer will then provide you with further instructions.

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Please note that for order tracking updates, amendments or cancellations, you will need to contact the retailer fulfilling your order directly.