Why did I receive an alert saying an item is in stock, but it is showing as out of stock?

Lyst “back-in-stock” emails are only sent if an item is flagged as being available with the retailer.

Sometimes if an item is in high demand or there is low stock, it may be sold out again by the time you receive the email and click on the link.

You can add and remove items from your saved list, as well as change your email preferences by signing in to your Lyst account.

Next Steps:

To add an item to your saved list:

  • Click on the "save for later" or "get a back-in-stock alert" button on the product page.


  • On the search feed, click on the Lyst heart under the item. It will go blue when it has been added to your saved items.

To remove an item from saved list:

  • Log in to your Lyst account, and hover over the heart icon in the top right hand corner to go to your saved items.
  • Click the blue Lyst heart under the item that you wish to remove from your saved items list.
  • Allow up to 24 hours for these changes to take effect in your email settings.
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