Why do I see a size I don't recognise?

As Lyst partners with retailers from around the world, sizes differ between brands and retailers.
If the item you are viewing is not in a size you recognise, we provide a “size guide” on each product page. 

With this, you will be able to see size types from around the world, as well as how they translate to each other. Please note that the “size guide” is a general overview based on standard sizes. 

If you would like more specific sizing information or measurements, we recommend you contact the retailer that stocks the item.

We also recommend that you check the retailer’s returns policy as you may want to try the item for size and return it if it isn’t suitable.

To get in touch with the retailer, you will first need to find its name on the product page: it is situated underneath the product name and sizing information.

Then, visit the customer care section on its website, where you will be able to find the contact details you need. 

To check a retailer’s return policy, you can:
• Click on the “Shipping and returns” link on the product page,
• Or directly visit the customer care section on the retailer’s site, where you will be able to find more information.

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