Why does the 4 digit number in my confirmation email not match my credit card?

In order to ensure the safest online payment Klarna will create a virtual card. These virtual details will then be used to complete your payment with the retailer.

The retailer may quote the virtual card details when confirming your order or refund. Please don't worry if you don't recognise these - they have been created to protect your transaction.

This means that you will not recognise the card details that appear on your invoice, as they have been created to protect your transaction.

When you first place your order you will see a pending charge on your own account. Once the retailer charges the virtual card, Klarna will debit the funds from you.

If you have used Klarna's pay after delivery service, you will instead have a payment date by which you must settle your balance with Klarna.

For Example:

For example if you have checked and your order has been placed with Lane Crawford - visit the Lane Crawford site to use their “follow my order” tool and contact their team for an update.

Please see our terms and conditions for more information about Klarna checkout on Lyst.

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Please note that for order tracking updates, amendments or cancellations, you will need to contact the retailer fulfilling your order directly.