Why did my order fail with an out of stock message?

In the unusual case that the item you wish to purchase is no longer in stock with the retailer, your order will be automatically cancelled and you will not be charged (any pending charge will be cleared from your account within 5-7 business days).

Please be assured that Lyst will email you as soon as possible.

Why did this happen?

Lyst updates stock information throughout the day. In this case, it appears there was a slight delay in this information being updated.

Next steps

We're not able to say for sure if the item will be back-in-stock but here’s how you can set an alert to let you know:

  • Log in to your Lyst account or sign up here.
  • If you’re on our website, simply click on the button “Track deals”, on the right side of the item you want to save.
  • Click on the Lyst heart to add the item to your wish-list if you’re using the app.

Lyst will then email you if the item comes back in stock with the retailer or send you a push notification on the Lyst app.

We hope that the item is available again shortly for you!

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